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Sore ini Kawasan Jalan A Yani dan sekitarnya padam listrik

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PT PLN cabang Banjarmasin rayon Ahmad Yani akan melakukan pemadaman listrik mulai jam 4 hingga jam 6 sore ini.

Pemadaman terjadi di sekitar jalan Ahmad Yani kilometer 1 hingga 10.5, komplek Banjar Indah permai, Beruntung Jaya, komplek Jaka Kencana, jalan kolonel Sugiono, Plaza Mitra, Swiss belhotel Borneo, Roditha hotel, kampung Melayu, Veteran, Pierre Tendean, jalan Pahlawan dan Seberang Mesjid.

Pemadaman dilakukan sehubungan dengan danya pemeliharaan trafo distribusi 1 gardu induk Ulin.


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15 Sep 2014
Wow! That's a really neat anersw!
16 Sep 2014
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16 Sep 2014
Bearing in mind that my only recent <a href="http://qgogdqqjsp.com">exenirepce</a> of WFB tournaments has been vicarious, I have to ask a question: were Warhammer tournaments dying anyway?Many of the tournament reports on TWF, for instance, bear reference to stagnation, a sort of deny-points shake-hands-and-go-home ethos that prevailed toward the end of seventh edition. Many of the composition sets and rules packs I've seen appear to be about preserving the way things were pre-eighth rather than adapting to the challenges that eighth edition offers.I do think that there's a definite difference twixt armies that can do eighth edition reliably (thus competively) and armies that are more at its mercy (thus not so competitively). Factor in the usual some armies do not contribute in all phases of the game', some armies are overdependent on one phase to compensate for broad weaknesses' and some armies are hamstrung or overclocked by novelty rules' factors that have been a part of Warhammer since at least fifth edition (I didn't play fourth under its core rules, although I did own and use many of the books in fifth).Considering all that, you get a slightly unnatural lurching beast of a tournament circuit. It's alive, but it needs regular bolts of lightning and you could see the stitches from the start. Didn't the very first Grand Pageant have comped and uncomped tournaments? Doesn't that indicate something about Warhammer-as-written's viability as a tournament game, when even its developers felt the need to fanhammer' it into being one?I sort of prefer events'. It's more honest.
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